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Most unwanted hair color disasters are often due to the lack of understanding about the basic hair coloring “laws” and how they apply to coloring hair.


This article is not meant to be a thorough education in hair coloring, but a first step in helping with hair color and to understand the basics.

First Rule Of Color – Hair Color is NOT Hair Paint

Color, as we perceive it, is actually the reflection of light off of the colored pigments in the hair shaft. This “reflection of light” is what we see as “color”. The shade of color is made up of the different combinations of reflections of light off of the colored pigments. This is why hair color appears different under fluorescent lights than in natural sunlight, whether it’s color from nature or from a professional.


Levels are the degree of lightness or darkness of a color that is reflected or seen by the eye. Hair color is assigned a Level number ranging from1 to 10 with 1 being black and 10 lightest blonde. In other words, black reflects very little light and lightest blonde reflects the greatest amount of light. A level 10 blonde would be “two steps lighter” than a level 8 blonde. This system of levels applies to all colors and almost all brands commonly found.


There are several different types of hair color. Be sure to read this section carefully.

Permanent Hair Color: Permanent is just what it means. This makes a permanent change in the pigment of the hair shaft. It does not wash out. It will fade in time, but cannot be simply removed to “bring back” your natural color. All hair that has been colored in this way has the natural color pigments irreversibly chemically altered.

It can be removed, leaving the altered hair shaft pigments, which can be “corrective colored” back close to the original color. This is a job which should be left to the Pros Only. It can be one visit or many visits to the salon to try to correct a bad color job, it is expensive and is hard on the hair to varying degrees.

Single Process Color: Single process means the color is lifted and deposited in one step.

Semi-Permanent: Semi-Permanent color is what it says it is, it can cover gray and go darker, but can not lighten and does NOT cover 100% grays. It lasts varying lengths of time depending on the product.

Warning: Double Process (bleaching and toning to the desired color) should never be attempted by a home hair colorist! This is definitely a pro-only process.

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